One Cell in the Sea.

bienvenidos amigos.

Wanna know what sucks?

My strict dad. Last night my brother got home till like 12 and wasn’t even questioned. He does and goes wherever the hell he pleases. And what do i do? I’m home all day, locked in my room. And even if i had freedom it’s not like i’d be partying every minute. I’d just like to hang out with my friends and boyfriend. You question why i’m locked in my room? What else do i have to do. It’s sad thinking that once i turn 18 it’ll be prolly the same thing. It sucks knowing that i can’t move out because i don’t have a job. You’re pretty fucking lucky to have me. I don’t smoke, i don’t do drugs, i’m not pregnant, i have good grades in school. I don’t know why you complain about me being so rebellious! Ha! I hardly even talk to you so shut the fuck up.

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